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Descripción de Victorinox 8-Piece Knife Block Set – Comprar Desde USA

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  • 8-piece Forschner cutlery set, hand-finished in Switzerland
  • Includes: 4-inch paring; 6-inch boning; 8-inch chef's; 8-inch bread; 10-inch slicing; 10-inch sharpening steel; kitchen shears; slant hardwood block
  • High-carbon, no-stain-steel blades; full tang for strength and balance
  • Ergonomic black fibrox handles minimize wrist strain
  • Wash by hand; lifetime warranty

Descripción Ampliada
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The R H Forschner by Victorinox 8-piece Block Set includes: 4-inch Paring Knife, 6-inch Boning Knife, 8-inch Chef's Knive, 8-inch Bread Knive, 10-inch Slicing Knife, 10-inch Sharpening Steel, Kitchen Shears and Slant Hardwood Block. All knives feature high carbon, stainless steel blades, hand finished at Victorinox in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen. A special tempering process is used to produce an edge that can be resharpened over and over again, so the knife can keep its original sharpness throughout the entire life of the blade. Victorinox handles are ergonomically designed to minimize wrist tension. They provide a natural fit. A good heft and comfortable, positive grip are indications of a well-made knife. A sure-grip handle with a finger guard is valuable feature since the handle inevitably gets greasy, wet, or both. Although cutlery steel is naturally sanitary, materials and construction details of the handle minimize crevices what would offer hospitality to bacteria. A mid-range line for the proficient or aspiring home chef, this R.H. Forschner block set consists of a selection of the most commonly used kitchen cutlery. The blades, hand-finished in Switzerland, are constructed of high-carbon, no-stain steel, with a full tang for superior strength and balance. The knives retain their sharp edges and are readily resharpened when necessary. All the utensils feature black fibrox handles, molded in an ergonomic shape that is designed to reduce wrist tension over extended periods of use.

The five knives in this set consist of a 4-inch paring, 6-inch boning, 8-inch chef's, 8-inch bread, and 10-inch slicing. Completing the selection are a 10-inch sharpening steel and pair of kitchen shears. All come with designated slots in the solid hardwood block, angled for quick access. Covered by a lifetime warranty against defects, the cutlery in the set is dishwasher-safe, although washing by hand is recommended. --Ann Bieri

What's in the Box
8-piece cutlery set. The set consists of: 4-inch paring knife; 6-inch boning knife; 8-inch chef's knife; 8-inch serrated bread knife; 10-inch slicing knife; 10-inch sharpening steel; kitchen shears; hardwood storage block. 8 items total.

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