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  • hito 1Gen touch clock: alarm for daily. Perfect Nightstand, Bedside or Office Desk Alarm Clock!
  • Touch-activated light (bright, lasts for 5 seconds) and Auto Sensor light (sensor darkness, soft, can stay on at night or be turned off)
  • Time (12/24), Calendar (MM/DD), Temp (C/F), Alarm (ON/OFF). Ascending "beeping" alarm. Touch-activated 5-minute Snooze. Easy to turn off alarm
  • DC 5V adapter and backup three AAA batteries can be used at the same time or separately.
  • Packing contents: 1Gen clock+ USB adapter(UL certificated)+ 4ft USB cable.

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Perfect Nightstand, Bedside or Office Desk Alarm Clock!

1, Clock doesn't light up in the day time, unless you touch the top SNOOZE/LIGHT button to activate nightlight.
2, Clock is featured with soft sensor light and bright nightlight.

1x Alarm Clock
1x USB Cable (use your own USB charger with 5V output, like cell phone charger)

INSTRUCTION: (Guide video available)
1, Insert 3 AAA batteries or connect it into wall outlet (DC 5V). You'll hear long beeping.
2, Push bar to the end, TIME SET. You can see time flashes on display: ready to be set.
3, Press HOUR and MIN to adjust.
4, Push bar to LOCK to confirm your setting.
5, Push bar on DATE SET position. Year, month and date flashes on display.
6, Press YEAR, MONTH and DATE to adjust.
7, Push bar to LOCK to confirm.
ALARM SET: AL.SET is to set alarm. AL.ON and AL.OFF is to control alarm status.
8, Push bar on AL.SET position. Alarm flashes on display.
9, Press HOUR and MIN to adjust.
10, Push bar to LOCK to confirm.
11, After alarm setting, do remember to push the left bar to AL.ON. At this time, alarm is on and will go off. You can see 2 little marks between hour and minute.
12, It can be 12-hour time or 24-hour time.
Temperature C/F:
13, Press MIN/DATE to alternate between Celsius and Fahrenhite. Sensor:
14, Turn on/off Sensor via the switch button on the back. Sensor gives off soft light to help you see time from short distance hands free.
Nightlight and snooze:
15, Touch the top of the clock to activate snooze and nightlight.

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